Honoring Asian American and Pacific Islander Voices

As Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month concludes, we are proud to share the stories of several employees who reflect on the significance of building connections, sharing culture, and creating community at Cardinal Health.

Mei Gong Senior Global Product Manager, Global Medical Products and Distribution, Dublin, Ohio

I was born in Guangdong, China, and immigrated to the U.S. with my family when I was nine. I’ve been with Cardinal Health for almost four years, ensuring we manufacture and provide products that support high-quality patient care.

Networking helps us understand our roles and feel connected. Joining a large company during the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging, but the Cardinal Health Asian Pacific American Network (APAN) fosters a sense of belonging. While I speak to my traditions, China’s diverse customs and the vast Asian American diaspora show that we are more similar than different. Inspired by APAN’s community, I became co-chair, working to support personal growth and development. APAN and other employee resource groups (ERGs) make Cardinal Health an attractive place for prospective employees by celebrating individuality and providing opportunities to learn and contribute.

Gina Sheehan Senior Marketing Manager, Consumer Health, Dublin, Ohio

APAN is an open, welcoming group that values curiosity and encourages exploration. I’ve been with Cardinal Health for 18 months, supporting diabetes category marketing for retail independent pharmacy customers. Being mixed race, I often felt like an outsider, but APAN has given me a sense of belonging and job satisfaction. Serving as chair of the APAN Culture Committee, I focus on high-visibility events that showcase diverse cultures and highlight the value of diversity. APAN’s friendly and approachable members have made a significant impact on my experience at Cardinal Health.

Anagha Vyas Director, Digital and Commercial Technologies, Dublin, Ohio

I moved to Dublin, Ohio, from Pune, India, 10 years ago and have been with Cardinal Health for four years, heading the AI Center of Excellence and the Generative AI taskforce. Sharing the rich tapestry of Indian festivals and cultural traditions within the diverse AAPI community has been fulfilling. Being part of APAN has strengthened my sense of belonging and provided opportunities to make meaningful impacts. Volunteering my time and skills helps shape the group’s direction and advocate for important issues.

Preety Sidhu Senior Vice President, Global Medical Products and Distribution Segment Strategy and Business Development, Boston, Massachusetts

Celebrating seven years at Cardinal Health, I work with our business leaders to build, execute, and communicate strategic direction. Born in Boston and having lived in various cities worldwide, I enjoy sharing my multicultural background through food and stories. Cooking Indian dishes connects people and fosters understanding of our shared humanity. APAN provides a community where individuals connect, recruit, develop, and retain talent. The sense of belonging and allyship within APAN and other ERGs at Cardinal Health is invaluable.

Himanshu Doshi Sr. Director, IT, Global Medical Products and Distribution, Dublin, Ohio

As a first-generation immigrant, I deeply value the strength of community. Moving to the U.S. and later to Tokyo highlighted the importance of having a reliable community. APAN provides that within Cardinal Health. Born in Mumbai, I moved to Detroit in 2002, pursued an MBA at The Ohio State University, and joined Cardinal Health in 2008. My current role involves managing IT platforms supporting our global medical products and distribution business. Sharing cultural values and participating in APAN’s diverse activities has been enriching. Recently joining the APAN Steering Committee, I aim to demonstrate that Cardinal Health is an attractive employer for skilled AAPI talent.

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