Hologram Sciences at the World Economic Forum, or AI serving global health through precision nutrition

By Taking an AI-Powered Approach to Combat Malnutrition, Hologram Sciences Strengthens Precision Nutrition Platform

At the 54th World Economic Forum, Hologram Sciences , an AI-driven health technology company, outlines its commitment to addressing historic healthcare challenges, particularly the malnutrition of patients. The company’s involvement in the forum is critical to its mission to integrate precision nutrition into global health discussions with health and technology leaders, policymakers and influencers.

As part of the Precision Consumer 2030 initiative, which focuses on ethical and privacy-respecting AI policies, Hologram Sciences is using this showcase to champion the role of AI in improving personalized healthcare, particularly in addressing the critical issue of malnutrition in clinical settings.

A key part of Hologram Sciences’ commitment to revolutionizing patient care is its recent collaboration with Mayo Clinic on the Precision Nutrition Platform. This cutting-edge platform, designed to personalize nutrition based on individual health needs and dietary profiles, demonstrates the company’s innovative approach to personalized and data-driven healthcare solutions. The first application will target surgical settings that will serve as a stress test for the technology in the most complex use case, paving the way for broad application in a variety of conditions.

Malnutrition poses a significant challenge in hospital environments, affecting patient recovery, outcomes, and rehospitalization rates. The Precision Nutrition Platform addresses malnutrition holistically, consistent with new gold standard protocols such as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), which emphasizes nutrition.

A key feature of the platform is its predictive analytics capability, focused on identifying health risks based on dietary habits and suggesting preventative measures directly to patients. These proactive interventions have the potential to be instrumental in optimizing patient outcomes and supporting lasting behavioral change.

Envision a healthier future with AI-powered precision nutrition

Ian Brady, CEO of Hologram Sciences, said: “Our active participation in the World Economic Forum underlines our commitment to making AI-powered precision nutrition a central part of global health strategies. Together with Mayo Clinic, we are taking important steps to create AI-powered nutrition plans that are not only personalized, but also crucial to combating malnutrition and improving overall patient outcomes. »

Hologram Sciences’ goal is to integrate precision nutrition into healthcare systems around the world, contributing to healthier global communities. The company’s proactive role in the World Economic Forum illustrates its commitment to this goal, promoting change in the healthcare sector through innovation and collaboration.

For more information about Hologram Sciences, its mission in precision nutrition, and its collaboration with Mayo Clinic, please visit www.hologramsciences.com .

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