HELIOS® Wins Bronze Stevie® Award in 2024 American Business Awards®

VirtualHealth is thrilled to announce that its HELIOS platform has been awarded the Bronze Stevie® Award in the Healthcare Technology Solution category at The 22nd Annual American Business Awards®. This recognition comes amidst a pool of over 3,700 nominations across various categories this year.

“The VirtualHealth team has been diligently enhancing HELIOS, providing a robust turnkey solution for care management, utilization management, and data interoperability, featuring rapid FHIR® transformations and AI-driven prior authorization,” stated Adam Sabloff, CEO and Founder of VirtualHealth. “This award acknowledges our team’s innovative efforts. The next-generation HELIOS platform signifies a significant advancement in healthcare operations, addressing key payer challenges such as technology alignment, improved care coordination, and seamless organization-wide interoperability.”

Judges praised HELIOS for its forward-thinking approach to bridging the interoperability gap in the industry. The platform’s latest enhancements, including HELIOSum and HELIOShub, represent a substantial leap forward in healthcare management technology. By prioritizing utilization management and data interoperability, these updates tackle critical industry challenges like regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and patient care quality.

HELIOS was selected as a winner due to its enhancements to support essential payer medical management needs, such as the integration of HELIOSum for next-generation utilization management and HELIOShub for plug-and-play, no-code data interoperability. These innovations revolutionize healthcare data exchange and authorization processes, making them easier, faster, and more adaptable to evolving regulations.

With integrated solutions for utilization management and data interoperability, HELIOS enables:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Faster authorizations with auto-approvals and auto-determinations
  • AI-empowered decisioning and automated prior authorizations
  • Identification and removal of inaccuracies and obstacles impeding care
  • Automated triage processes to speed up care delivery
  • 65% faster data integrations and 80% faster bi-directional feeds
  • Reduced operational costs and risk of errors
  • Regulatory compliance with federal, state, and internal medical policy timelines
  • Identification of high-risk patients and prevention of avoidable hospitalizations
  • Clinically-integrated pre-built UM pathways
  • Fully configurable workflows to streamline and optimize CM and UM processes.

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