HCA Healthcare Allocates $100 Million in Grants from the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund to Assist Needy Colleagues

HCA Healthcare, Inc. (NYSE:HCA), a prominent healthcare provider in the United States, has announced that its HCA Healthcare Hope Fund, a 501(c)3 public charity offering emergency aid to colleagues facing significant hardships such as illness, injury, natural disasters, or other challenging circumstances, has surpassed $100 million in grants awarded since its establishment in 2005. In 2023 alone, over $11.4 million in assistance was distributed, benefiting more than 3,700 HCA Healthcare colleagues and their families.

Joe Flynn, President of the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund, expressed gratitude towards colleagues whose generosity made this milestone possible. He emphasized their selflessness and compassion in supporting fellow colleagues encountering uncontrollable difficulties, thus embodying the core mission of HCA Healthcare.

The genesis of the Hope Fund reflects HCA Healthcare’s commitment to caring for patients, communities, and its own workforce. Originating from the aftermath of devastating hurricanes in 2004, colleagues across the country rallied together, initiating a fund that later evolved into the structured HCA Healthcare Hope Fund. In 2005, amidst the fund’s establishment, additional aid was provided following Hurricane Katrina’s impact on New Orleans, demonstrating HCA Healthcare’s dedication to supporting its employees during crises.

Annually, more than 35,000 donors contribute to the Hope Fund, offering assistance to peers facing financial hardships due to various adversities. The HCA Healthcare Foundation further bolsters this support by annually matching colleague donations with over $4 million.

The Hope Fund plays a pivotal role during natural disasters, exemplified by its response to Hurricane Ian in 2022, where approximately $1.2 million in support was extended to affected colleagues. In total, the fund has allocated over $25 million towards natural disaster relief efforts.

HCA Healthcare, headquartered in Nashville, operates 186 hospitals and approximately 2,400 ambulatory sites of care across 20 states and the United Kingdom. Since its inception in 1968, HCA Healthcare has pioneered innovative approaches to hospital care, conducting impactful clinical studies to advance medical practices and improve patient outcomes.

The HCA Healthcare Hope Fund, a staff-driven 501(c)3 public charity, aims to assist HCA Healthcare employees and their families facing financial hardship due to various circumstances. Donations can be made by employees, vendors, affiliated physicians, patients, and the general public, with 100% of contributions directly aiding colleagues in need. Governed by an independent Board of Directors, the Hope Fund has distributed over $100 million in aid since its inception, with annual support from thousands of employee donors.

The HCA Healthcare Foundation, aligned with the broader mission of HCA Healthcare, strives to promote health and well-being in communities served by providing leadership, service, and financial support to effective nonprofit organizations.

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