Haemonetics Introduces Limited Market Release of New VASCADE MVP XL Vascular Closure Device

Haemonetics Corporation (NYSE: HAE), a global leader in medical technology aimed at enhancing patient outcomes, has initiated a limited market rollout of its latest innovation, the VASCADE MVP® XL mid-bore venous closure device. This new addition to Haemonetics’ VASCADE® portfolio features advanced collapsible disc technology and a specialized resorbable collagen patch designed to accelerate hemostasis.

Expanding on the current VASCADE lineup, which includes the VASCADE system for “small-bore” femoral arterial and venous closure and the VASCADE MVP® system for “mid-bore” multi-access femoral venous closure, the VASCADE MVP XL system offers enhanced capabilities. It incorporates 58% more collagen and a larger disc compared to the existing VASCADE MVP system, making it suitable for procedures requiring 10-12F sheaths (up to 15F outer diameter), such as cryoablation and left atrial appendage closure in atrial fibrillation patients.

Stew Strong, President of Global Hospital at Haemonetics, emphasized the significance of the VASCADE MVP XL launch, stating, “With VASCADE MVP XL, Haemonetics reinforces its commitment to innovation and improving patient care within the $2.7 billion vascular closure solutions market. This advancement aligns with the growing demand for catheter-based ablation technologies. We are excited about the initial market release of VASCADE MVP XL and anticipate a full rollout later this year.”

Earlier this spring, the VASCADE MVP XL system received pre-market approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The limited market release follows the successful first procedure performed using VASCADE MVP XL by Dr. Tom McElderry, Section Chief of Electrophysiology and Co-Director of the Heart & Vascular Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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