Greenspace Health Partners Teams Up with Behavioral Health Innovations for Digital Assessments

Greenspace Health and Behavioral Health Innovations (BHI) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing access to BHI’s evidence-based assessments through digital platforms. This collaboration seeks to streamline the administration of assessments such as the UCLA PTSD Reaction Index, crucial for addressing the needs of approximately 7 million children and adolescents in the United States affected by PTSD from traumatic childhood experiences. By hosting BHI assessments on its platform, Greenspace Health will facilitate electronic administration, thereby improving service delivery and treatment outcomes for traumatized youth and their families.

Behavioral Health Innovations is renowned for its “gold standard” in evidence-based trauma history and PTSD assessments, widely implemented across 1,200 behavioral health service organizations. Their Trauma-Focused Care Process Model supports screening in pediatric settings, schools, and social services agencies, ensuring evidence-based diagnoses, treatment monitoring, and documentation of outcomes.

Jim Huser, CEO & Co-founder of Behavioral Health Innovations, emphasized their commitment to advancing evidence-based assessments and interventions to enhance treatment outcomes. The partnership with Greenspace Health marks a significant advancement, enabling digital, automated solutions for utilizing UCLA PTSD Reaction Index measures and empowering clinicians to improve care.

Simon Weisz, President of Greenspace Health, expressed enthusiasm about supporting organizations with seamless digital experiences for assessment adherence. This innovation aims to meet the increasing demand for evidence-based assessments, enhancing accessibility and clinical outcomes through remote completion, automatic scoring, and data visualization.

To explore how Measurement-Based Care (MBC) and UCLA PTSD Reaction Index Measures can enhance behavioral health services.

About Greenspace Health:
Greenspace Health revolutionizes mental health services by optimizing access, measurement, and delivery of care. Their Measurement-Based Care Platform empowers providers to integrate consistent, evidence-based measurement (PROMs) into practice, significantly improving client outcomes and organizational care quality. Implemented across community clinics, hospitals, and healthcare systems, Greenspace Health drives coordinated care and clinical excellence.

About Behavioral Health Innovations:
Behavioral Health Innovations pioneers evidence-based assessments and interventions to elevate services and outcomes for traumatized children and families. Their innovative approaches, including the UCLA PTSD Reaction Index, enhance data-driven clinical decision-making and care quality for over 7 million affected youth in the US.

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