Fullscript Hosts Cardiometabolic Summit with Industry Leaders

Fullscript, a prominent figure in healthcare platforms designed for comprehensive care, has revealed its plans to organize a virtual Cardiometabolic Summit on April 17-18th, 2024. This summit aims to bring together a diverse audience comprising both conventional and functional clinicians. By hosting this event, Fullscript intends to provide a platform for sharing groundbreaking insights from esteemed industry leaders. These insights will delve into proactive and clinically effective prevention strategies tailored to address the rising tide of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and metabolic health concerns currently affecting patients. Through this summit, Fullscript seeks to equip healthcare providers with the knowledge and tools necessary to better support patients facing these health challenges.

In the United States, metabolic dysfunction affects more than 40 percent of the adult population, significantly elevating the risk for over 200 diseases and imposing a financial burden of over $170 billion on the healthcare system annually. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, Fullscript is organizing the Cardiometabolic Summit, which aims to convene thousands of cross-functional providers and primary care clinicians from various disciplines. Together, they will delve into crucial topics related to cardiometabolic care, seeking ways to help patients prevent and manage chronic illnesses within the framework of whole person health.

Kyle Braatz, co-founder and CEO of Fullscript, emphasized the importance of addressing the increasingly prevalent health challenges faced by the population. He highlighted the need for clinicians to adopt tools that enable them to look beyond individual symptoms and diagnoses. Fullscript is committed to expanding the delivery of whole person care by empowering providers to achieve proven, better health outcomes. The summit serves as a platform for clinicians to come together, engage in mutual learning, and collaborate toward the shared goal of making whole person health the standard in healthcare.

Building on the success of Fullscript’s inaugural virtual summit dedicated to Women’s Health in the fall of 2023, the Cardiometabolic Summit will offer two days of valuable insights that providers can access from the comfort of their homes. The agenda includes sessions covering a wide range of topics, such as natural and complementary therapies for the GLP-1 hormone, holistic approaches to weight loss management, proactive strategies for optimal vascular health, and more. Esteemed clinical experts, including Peter Attia, MD, Sara Gottfried, MD, Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD, Erik Lundquist, MD, Michael Twyman, MD, Chris D’Adamo, PhD, and others, will present on adopting a comprehensive approach to metabolic health and weight management.

Dr. Jeff Gladd, chief medical officer at Fullscript, underscored the responsibility of clinicians to deepen their understanding of whole person healthcare. He expressed pride in hosting an event that equips healthcare professionals with both the knowledge and practical strategies needed to deliver proactive care to their patients.

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