Fostering the Advancement of Community Pharmacy

As pharmacies navigate through a myriad of challenges such as workforce shortages, financial management, and increasing responsibilities, they are transforming into vital community healthcare hubs, showcasing their resilience and importance.

“Despite the hurdles faced by retail pharmacies today, they continue to thrive and offer enhanced services to their patrons,” said Brad Cochran, Executive Vice President of Pharmaceutical and Specialty Distribution at Cardinal Health and President of Medicine Shoppe International, Inc. (MSI). “At Cardinal Health, we are dedicated to providing pharmacies with the necessary support, solutions, and services as they evolve.”

Patients increasingly rely on independent pharmacies for a range of services, with almost 60% of Americans considering their local pharmacy as their initial stop for addressing non-emergency health concerns. “Patients appreciate the personalized care, accessibility, and attention offered by local pharmacies, making them a preferred choice for self-care, chronic disease management, and healthcare needs,” Cochran added.

This trend is expected to grow further, with over 80% of patients expressing the desire to maintain access to vaccination, testing, and treatment services provided by pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the next five years, more than half of patients anticipate relying on pharmacies for the majority of their primary care services.

Medicine Shoppe International, Inc. (MSI) offers independent franchise owners opportunities to be part of this evolving landscape by providing access to a comprehensive portfolio of patient care solutions from Cardinal Health. Their Dispill®-USA Multi-dose Packaging simplifies medication management for chronic disease patients, promoting better adherence to medication regimens and reducing errors.

Pharmacies have also emerged as trusted immunization hubs, administering millions of doses of vaccines annually. With expanded vaccine offerings and support from Cardinal Health’s immunization specialized care center, pharmacies can further enhance their vaccine programs, generating additional revenue.

To remain financially viable, pharmacies must improve their operations and manage cash flow effectively. Cardinal Health offers solutions such as Pharmacy Services Administration Organization (PSAO), inventory management, and reimbursement tools to empower retail pharmacies.

Moreover, with Cardinal Health™ Medical Benefit Billing, pharmacies can seamlessly integrate medical billing into their workflow for greater efficiency and real-time visibility. This solution automates secondary claim billing and provides support for navigating changes to Medicare Part D billing.

As pharmacies evolve their business models to provide expanded clinical services, Cardinal Health is committed to supporting them every step of the way. “Through our comprehensive portfolio of solutions and expert guidance, we empower pharmacy owners to transition seamlessly into the future of pharmacy care,” concluded Cochran.

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