Exscientia Names New Leaders, Focuses on Integrated Tech Impact and Oncology in Clinical Development

Exscientia plc (Nasdaq: EXAI) has made notable strides today with the appointment of two seasoned professionals in technology and clinical development to key management roles. This move aims to enhance the utilization of distinctive technologies in applications and to bolster the development of a targeted oncological pipeline.

Dr. John P. Overington, renowned for his expertise in technology, assumes the role of Chief Technology Officer. With a Ph.D. to his name, Dr. Overington brings over three decades of experience in bioinformatics, having played pivotal roles in various pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions. His contributions to the field include authoring over 150 publications and spearheading the creation of CheMBL, a widely-utilized drug discovery database. Having joined Exscientia in 2021, Dr. Overington’s earlier roles include Vice President of Discovery Initiatives and Chief Data Officer. His leadership will steer the company’s technological advancements, particularly in accelerating the AI-driven drug design platform and optimizing the integration of AI with automated experimentation.

Dr. Marie-Louise Fjällskog, MD, Ph.D., takes on the responsibility of interim Medical Director and Head of Clinical Development, succeeding Dr. Mike Krams. Dr. Fjällskog, with her extensive background in oncology spanning over three decades, brings a wealth of experience to Exscientia. Her expertise in clinical development strategy, trial design, and regulatory affairs has been honed through leadership roles in academia as well as in both small biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Notably, she has overseen numerous clinical trials focused on oncological treatments and has been a key figure in advancing research in the field. Dr. Fjällskog’s appointment underscores Exscientia’s commitment to refining its clinical development strategy, particularly in the oncology domain.

David Hallett, Ph.D., Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of Exscientia, expressed his enthusiasm about the addition of these distinguished leaders to the company’s team. He highlighted Dr. Overington’s focus on optimizing the integration of AI-driven drug design with automated experimentation and Dr. Fjällskog’s invaluable expertise in oncological drug development. Dr. Hallett also extended gratitude to Dr. Krams for his contributions to the company’s clinical strategy, emphasizing the importance of adding specialized clinical and regulatory expertise in oncology to Exscientia’s team.

With its strategic pipeline centered around oncology, Exscientia anticipates significant advancements in its upcoming trials under the guidance of Dr. Overington and Dr. Fjällskog. Their appointments mark a pivotal moment for the company as it continues to harness cutting-edge technology and clinical expertise to drive innovation in drug development.

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