Engage with Healthcare Experience Leaders and Innovators at HUB24

NRC Health has revealed the lineup of breakout sessions and poster presentations for its 30th annual conference: Human Understanding Beyond | HUB24. Taking place from August 21–23, 2024, in San Diego, this event aims to expand the understanding of consumers, communities, employees, and patients beyond scores, encounters, and expectations.

HUB24 brings together healthcare leaders and innovators for a comprehensive program focused on driving impact. Attendees will participate in insightful discussions and gain valuable insights into reshaping their organization’s vision, culture, and teams through a diverse range of sessions and presentations.

Highlights include:

Consumer Experience Track:

  • Exploring the Future of Marketing, Communications, and Strategy in Academic Health Systems
  • Enhancing Consumer Engagement to Drive Satisfaction and Growth
  • Embracing Digital Health Experiences

Employee Experience Track:

  • Navigating the Future Workplace
  • Implementing Micro-training for Human Experience
  • Improving Care Team Communication

Executive Track:

  • Predictions Reshaping Healthcare Consumer Engagement
  • Elevating Experience through Humanistics
  • Leading Transformation in Healthcare Experience

Patient Experience Fundamentals Track:

  • Recovering from Setbacks and Utilizing Resources
  • Frameworks for Improving Organizational Culture and Experience Targets
  • Leveraging Qualitative Data to Address Patient Needs

The HUB24 Poster Reception provides an opportunity for attendees to engage with healthcare leaders and inspire innovation for patient experience and healthcare marketing teams. Poster presentations cover a wide range of topics, from improving patient experience for Indigenous patients to implementing patient-centered workshops for staff success.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with like-minded healthcare leaders and innovators at HUB24. Register today to gain valuable insights, strategies, and connections aimed at improving healthcare experiences for patients, providers, care teams, health systems, and entire communities.

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