Element Science Wins Red Dot Award for Jewel® Patch Defibrillator

Element Science, a leader in health technology, has proudly announced that its Jewel® Wearable Patch Cardioverter Defibrillator (Jewel) has been honored with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. This recognition underscores Jewel’s exceptional design, focused on patient comfort and continuous protection from temporary periods of elevated Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) risk, commonly experienced post-cardiac events such as heart attacks.

The Red Dot Design Award is globally renowned for celebrating excellence in design and innovation. Jewel’s unique low-profile, water-resistant design sets new standards for wearable defibrillators, prioritizing compliance and comfort crucial for at-risk SCA patients. Element Science’s commitment to life-saving technology that seamlessly integrates into daily life is highlighted by this accolade, reinforcing their dedication to patient-centered innovation.

Dr. Uday N. Kumar, Founder, President, and CEO of Element Science, expressed gratitude for the award, stating, “Receiving the Red Dot Design Award is a significant milestone for Element Science, reflecting our focus on patient-centered innovation. Jewel combines advanced technology with a discreet design, allowing patients to live their lives while staying protected.”

Jewel offers advanced features designed to enhance compliance and effectiveness:

  • Continuous Protection: Monitors heart rhythms 24/7, alerting only when necessary and providing life-saving defibrillation when required.
  • Comfort and Discretion: Sleek design enables concealed wear under clothing without discomfort, promoting compliance and reducing stigma.
  • Compatibility with Daily Life: Water-resistant for use during activities like showers and moderate exercise, supporting rehabilitation and recovery.

Element Science’s approach has been validated by the Red Dot Design Award, which recognizes products of outstanding design quality. The company’s dedication to removing the stigma of medical devices is evident in Jewel’s human-centric design, aimed at empowering patients.

As Element Science prepares to commercialize Jewel, Lee Smith, Jr., Head of Commercial, highlighted the importance of patient-centric design, stating, “The Red Dot Design Award underscores our commitment to innovation that meets real-world patient needs. Jewel’s discreet and user-friendly design is poised to drive market acceptance and improve outcomes.”

About the Red Dot Design Award:
The Red Dot Design Award is an esteemed international competition recognizing excellence in Product Design, Brand and Communication Design, and Design Concepts. Awarded by a global jury, the Red Dot seal signifies exceptional design quality across various industries.

About the Jewel® Patch Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator (P-WCD):
Jewel is a novel wearable defibrillator designed for patients temporarily at elevated risk for SCA. It continuously monitors and treats life-threatening arrhythmias during daily activities. The Jewel Mobile App facilitates timely patient care by transmitting therapy information to medical teams in near real-time.

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