Elastin Biosciences Announces Breakthrough Discovery in Elastin Restoration: Paving the Way for Treatment of Elastin-Deficiency Diseases

Longaevus Technologies, announces the spin-off of Elastin Biosciences following breakthrough preclinical results of 3 of its assets. Longaevus Technologies is a company builder with dedicated to longevity, with an all-round approach to reversing aging based on its multiple hallmarks. Longaevus Technologies combines the expertise of an international team of renowned scientists from major universities and organizations, academics and industry experts to reach the common goal of reversing aging.

After being in stealth mode for a year, Elastin Biosciences, an innovative biotech company spun off from Longaeuvus Technologies, has unveiled a groundbreaking discovery in the realm of elastin-related health. Elastin Biosciences, with its core team comprising Chief Scientist Alexey Moskalev, and Director of Research Alexander Fedintsev, CEO Sherif Idriss, has successfully performed experiments in Oxford and identified three novel drug combinations that inhibit elastin degradation and foster its deposition, leading to an increase in elastin expression by 5-fold, and improving aortic elasticity in aged mice in-vivo. Longaevus Technologies currently has 3 more companies in stealth mode.

This cutting-edge research promises to offer solutions for individuals affected by elastin-deficiency related diseases and also has the potential to significantly promote healthy longevity. Transitioning from preclinical proof of concept to the pre-IND phase, this development showcases the company’s dedication and commitment to pioneering the future of regenerative medicine. In a testament to the importance and potential of this research, Elastin Biosciences has secured an initial funding of $2.5 million. Bolstered by this support, the company is also prepping to launch a Series A funding round to further its mission and research endeavors.

The degradation of elastin, linked with a variety of health issues as well as the natural aging process, has long been on the radar of medical experts. This breakthrough by Elastin Biosciences not only brings renewed hope for those directly afflicted by elastin-deficiency but also charts a path for innovative treatments designed to bolster overall health and longevity.

Elastin Biosciences is now poised to make significant strides in regenerative medicine, ushering in a new era of treatment solutions and healthy aging.

Source link: https://www.businesswire.com/

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