Dr. Ferrer BioPharma Named Finalist for CPhI Pharma Awards 2023

Dr. Ferrer BioPharma (DFB) is honored to be a finalist for the prestigious CPhI Pharma Worldwide Awards 2023, an internationally renowned award platform organized by CPhI, the world’s leading pharmaceutical networking event. DFB has achieved consecutive recognition as a finalist for three years running: in 2021, they were acknowledged for their Innovation in Response to COVID-19; in 2021 and 2022, they were finalists in the Finished Formulation category; and this year, they are being recognized for their groundbreaking GentleMist TechnologyTM.

Dr. Gustavo Ferrer, founder of DFB, shared, “Being shortlisted by CPhI is a testament to our unwavering commitment to patient-focused innovation in addressing respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, influenza, post-COVID syndrome, and allergies.”

DFB stands at the forefront of research for these conditions, advancing precise therapies that aim to maximize effectiveness while minimizing side effects with a focus on the patient’s experience. GentleMist TechnologyTM (GMT) is a remarkable nasal spray nozzle designed to revolutionize internasal drug delivery while eliminating the pain resulting from the shearing pressure exerted by traditional nasal sprays. The nozzle was carefully engineered to optimize nasal drug target delivery and maximize patient comfort. DFB collaborated with Dr. Basu’s lab from South Dakota University, who performed invitro testing comparing GMT with the conventional nasal sprays available in the market. The team also validated the specific angle of application for the treatment of viral illnesses and allergies. Subsequent clinical studies have successfully corroborated these findings.

The robust sales performance of GMT in the United States signifies not only the product’s market success but also DFB’s commitment to making a significant impact on the healthcare landscape. Presently, DBF is making significant strides in expanding its market presence across Europe and Latin America, where initial feedback from consumers has been nothing short of remarkable. By entering this market, DFB is demonstrating its readiness to adapt to different healthcare ecosystems and its determination to address health challenges on a broader international scale.

The impressive growth in sales and market expansion efforts, coupled with the nomination for the CPhI Awards 2023, exemplify DFB’s steadfast dedication to raising global healthcare standards, pushing the boundaries of therapeutic innovation, and ensuring that patients receive advanced and patient-friendly treatments.

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