Digital Health Solution, Dentistry.One, Bridges the Gap Between Dental and Medical Care for Improved Health and Lower Costs – Visit Us at HLTH 2023

Dentistry.One, a virtual-first dental care solution introduced by MouthWatch, LLC, will showcase at Booth #2450-22 (DiMe Virtual First Care Pavilion) and Booth #4950-5 (CareQuest Systemic Health Pavilion) during the upcoming HLTH 2023 conference in Las Vegas.

“It is an honor to be at HLTH 2023 alongside thousands of individuals and organizations dedicated to enhancing patient health through technology and innovation,” said Brant Herman, Founder and CEO, MouthWatch, LLC and Dentistry One LLC.

“We are excited to demonstrate how Dentistry.One is digitally bridging the gap that has existed for far too long between dental and medical care,” continued Herman. “We’re leveraging teledentistry technology and oral health expertise to tangibly remove barriers to improved health and lower costs, especially for patients with oral-systemic conditions.”

Studies have shown that with proper oral health care, patients with oral-systemic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy, experience better health outcomes and a lower cost of care. According to a study published in Science Direct, cost of care for diabetes is reduced annually by $2,840.00 per patient; heart disease, $1,090.00 per patient, and pregnancy, $2,433 per patient.

“With the proven oral-systemic connection and compelling data underscoring the positive impact of preventive oral healthcare, it could not be a better time to participate in HLTH 2023,” said Dr. Carolyn Brown, Chief Dental Officer at Dentistry One. “We look forward to strategizing with other innovative companies at HLTH and investors in health technology, with the goal of rapidly accelerating medical-dental integration with best-in-class virtual care and a tech stack built for tomorrow.”

Dentistry.One provides 24/7 access to a nationwide network of on-demand dentists and a team of Care Advisors, experts in dental hygiene. Individuals can more easily prioritize their oral health and organizations focused on patient health, such as health plans, employers, benefits brokers, and dental service organizations, can differentiate their portfolio of benefits, improve the member, patient, or employee experience, and achieve their business goals.

Dentistry.One virtual-first care services range from emergency care, live and asynchronous consultations for oral-systemic related conditions, pre-and-post op support, ortho consultations, surgical clearance, e-prescriptions (non-narcotic), and second opinions, to timely answers to general dental concerns that help prevent development of more serious and costly health issues.

Care Advisors make the patient journey seamless with personalized care coordination to in-office appointments, assistance with benefits navigation, and oral health coaching. In addition, Dentistry.One increases patient engagement in oral health through data-driven educational campaigns tailored to address specific health topics aligned with individual needs.

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