Dexcom G6 Strengthens Its Position as World’s Most Connected CGM System With a New Aid Offering in Germany

DexCom, Inc. (Nasdaq: DXCM), global manufacturer of systems for real-time continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes, today announced the Dexcom G6 Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (rt-CGM) is the first and only CGM to connect to the Omnipod 5 AID System in Germany, helping users to protect against high and low glucose levels.1,2

“For over a decade, Dexcom has been the sensor of choice for the development of AID systems. Dexcom has supported more than 50 studies around the world ranging from early academic projects to increasingly sophisticated trials in collaboration with industry partners, safely powering AID systems for over 1 million patient-years of cumulative use. Our CGM systems were the first to enable industry-leading connectivity and we now link with over 60 connected partners worldwide,” said Alex Moussa, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Dexcom EMEA & LATAM.

By adding another AID product to its CGM ecosystem, Dexcom has both strengthened its position as the world’s most connected CGM, with the Dexcom G6, and offered yet another AID choice to those living with type 1 diabetes in Germany.

“At Dexcom we believe that diabetes technology should be built to celebrate and support the diabetes community. This launch gives Dexcom users in Germany another choice in automated insulin delivery systems, adding to the company’s existing insulin delivery collaborations with Tandem, Ypsomed and CamDiab. We are delighted to see years of close collaboration with industry partners result in giving people with diabetes unparalleled choice, peace of mind and better clinical outcomes,” said Alexander Fröhlich, Vice President for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia at Dexcom.

Emphasising Dexcom’s position as a leader in integrating connected systems, Dexcom G6 was exclusively used in the clinical trials that led to the regulatory approval of Omnipod 5 in Europe and the United States.1,2 As a result, the clinically meaningful health outcomes resulting from the use of Omnipod 5 have only been proven when the system is connected to Dexcom CGM. In a study published in Diabetes Care,1 Dexcom G6 with Omnipod 5 significantly improved time in range and reduced HbA1c and time in hypoglycaemia (<70 mg/dL) in very young children (aged 2 – 5.9 years) with Type 1 diabetes.

As the world’s most connected CGM, Dexcom is committed to providing users with choice and flexibility when it comes to how they view their glucose data and deliver insulin.2-8 Dexcom CGM is also integrated with the Tandem t:slim X2 and Ypsomed mylife YpsoPump insulin pumps; digital health apps including GlookoHappy Bob and Sugarmate, and most recently, lifestyle devices from Garmin.

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