Delaware First Health Teams Up with Pyx Health to Address Loneliness Epidemic

Today, Delaware First Health, a managed care organization and subsidiary of Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC), has announced a collaboration with Pyx Health, a social health platform aiming to combat loneliness. Through this partnership, Delaware First Health members across the state will gain access to Pyx Health’s interactive technology platform and human support program, designed to detect loneliness and connect individuals with vital resources to enhance their mental and social well-being.

“Pyx Health’s mission is to address loneliness where it matters most,” stated Cindy Jordan, CEO of Pyx Health. “We understand the link between loneliness and chronic illnesses, and by combining human support with accessible technology, we aim to help people reconnect with their healthcare, loved ones, and community.”

Loneliness, intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly affects Generation Z, and is associated with increased risks of heart disease, obesity, anxiety, and mortality. Delaware First Health aims to combat these issues by offering the Pyx Health mobile app to all its members in 2024.

Pyx Health’s solution involves an app utilizing data-driven, empathetic technology to identify loneliness among vulnerable individuals. It then engages users with consistent human intervention to foster trusted connections, offer support, and enhance lives. Members can access Pyx Health and connect to resources anytime, ensuring timely assistance.

“Delaware First Health is committed to delivering innovative solutions that address the complete health needs of our community,” said Bill Wilson, President, and CEO of Delaware First Health Plan. “By proactively addressing mental and emotional struggles, we aim to prevent mental health emergencies, improve health outcomes, and make a positive impact for Delawareans.”

About Delaware First Health: Delaware First Health became Delaware’s newest Medicaid Managed Care Organization on January 1, 2023, covering approximately 40,000 lives. The organization is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Delaware residents by focusing on complete health needs and building strong community partnerships.

About Pyx Health: Pyx Health offers an evidence-based loneliness solution utilizing scalable technology and compassionate peer-to-peer human support to effectively reduce loneliness. Their approach improves mental health outcomes, mitigates loneliness-related physical health conditions, and reduces healthcare costs.

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