Debut of Riskguard™ Hereditary Cancer Test by Exact Sciences in the United States

Today, Exact Sciences Corp., renowned for its cancer screening and diagnostic solutions, unveiled the introduction of the Riskguard™ hereditary cancer test across the United States. This innovative test furnishes personalized patient reports detailing gene-specific and familial risks for 10 prevalent cancers—colorectal, breast, prostate, skin, ovarian, endometrial, pancreatic, gastric, kidney, and endocrine—utilizing a straightforward blood or saliva sample.

Brandie Leach, MS, CGC, Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Exact Sciences and former head of a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center’s Hereditary Cancer program, emphasized the significance of Riskguard—a genetic test designed to empower patients with insights into their susceptibility to specific cancers. Leach stated, “Riskguard provides invaluable information for patients to guide screening, treatment decisions, and familial risk awareness. Enabling individuals to identify and mitigate their cancer risks represents a pivotal stride towards combating cancer and alleviating its toll. This test is poised to play a vital role within primary care settings, bolstering Exact Sciences’ mission to advance early cancer detection.”

For individuals already grappling with a cancer diagnosis, understanding genetic variations can tailor treatment strategies. The Riskguard test aids in stratifying risks for patients with a family history of cancer by pinpointing alterations in cancer-linked genes. These actionable insights equip healthcare providers with a deeper understanding of their patients’ risk profiles and treatment avenues, fostering personalized care.

Brian Baranick, general manager of Precision Oncology at Exact Sciences, highlighted the alignment of Riskguard with evolving guidelines, particularly the recommendation for germline mutation testing in breast cancer patients. Baranick remarked, “The addition of Riskguard to our comprehensive suite of offerings, including Oncotype DX® and OncoExTra®, underscores our commitment to enhancing outcomes across the cancer care continuum. Physicians are increasingly recognizing the value of integrating tests like Riskguard alongside therapy selection assays such as OncoExTra, enabling a comprehensive molecular understanding of the patient’s tumor.”

Exact Sciences’ Precision Oncology commercial team will introduce the Riskguard test to healthcare professionals, capitalizing on the widespread adoption of Oncotype® tests among oncologists. Physicians can conveniently access all three tests through a unified Exact Sciences portal, streamlining management and treatment strategies for early and late-stage cancer patients.

The Riskguard test comprises a multi-cancer multigene panel, delivering a user-friendly report on actionable gene variants alongside potential care options to facilitate treatment discussions.

To support patients throughout the testing journey, Exact Sciences’ customer care teams stand ready to address inquiries and elucidate potential outcomes. Additionally, genetic counselors are on hand to assist healthcare providers in interpreting results and exploring medical management choices.

As scientific insights evolve, Exact Sciences remains committed to staying abreast of genetic research developments, ensuring timely updates to patients regarding critical changes that may impact their care following the initial report.

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