Deargen and Serengen Partner to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Serengen and Deargen are excited to announce their collaboration to accelerate the drug discovery process. This strategic partnership brings together Serengen’s novel DNA encoded library (DEL) technology with Deargen’s leading AI-driven drug discovery platform, known as DearDTI.

The world of drug discovery is about to get a major boost as two cutting-edge technologies join forces. The integration of Serengen’s unrivalled DEL technology with Deargen’s leading AI platform offers many advantages over traditional drug discovery methods, including cost savings and faster lead generation while increasing effectiveness. This powerful collaboration will usher in a new era of drug discovery that will revolutionise current processes.

“By integrating Deargen’s DearDTI with Serengen’s DEL technology, the hit discovery process gains a boost in diversity and accuracy,” said KilSoo Kang, CEO of Deargen. “This collaboration aims to bring enhanced efficiency and success rates in drug development, creating a synergistic effect. Both companies share the common goal of offering valuable insights to their clients, seeking innovative and efficient drug discovery solutions, and are committed to fostering ongoing collaboration between Serengen and Deargen.”

“Serengen’s slogan is ‘Serendipity by Design’ because our technology enables a unique DEL design,” added Thorsten Genski, CEO of Serengen. “Serendipity favours the prepared mind, as history has shown time and again. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is capable of analysis and prediction beyond the capabilities of a trained mind. We are excited to work with Deargen because the combination of DEL technology with Artificial Intelligence is the future. It will elevate our DEL design and data analysis to the highest level.”

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