Carestream Unveils New Innovations at ECR 2024

Carestream Health is set to exhibit its expanding array of cutting-edge medical imaging solutions at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), held from February 28 to March 3 at the Vienna Building. Leveraging its extensive expertise in imaging research spanning centuries, the company will unveil its latest diagnostic imaging solutions designed to enhance clinical outcomes, streamline imaging processes for both users and patients, and bolster the financial standing of healthcare institutions.

We recognize the challenges faced by the global radiology industry, including the shortage of qualified staff and the resulting increase in workloads for radiologists,” said Jane Moverley, International Sales Director at Digital Radiology. “That’s why Carestream’s solutions bring substantial value to the imaging process. For instance, our new DRX-LC detector produces high-quality, long-exposure images in a single shot, streamlining workflows, enhancing productivity, and reducing physical strain on radiologists. Additionally, we’re expanding our range of X-ray solutions to deliver top-notch imaging at a cost-effective price to meet the diverse needs of our customers.”

Solutions for Enhanced Clinical Outcomes

DRX Compass X-ray system:

  • Exceptional image quality
  • Scalable and adaptable technology
  • Available in floor mount or overhead tube crane (OTC) configuration

Mobile X-ray system DRX Revolution:

  • Our original mobile X-ray unit offers superior image quality, maneuverability, and storage space.
  • Features advanced image processing for robust functionality in a single platform.
  • Flexible design allows for image capture precisely where it’s needed.

Solutions to Enhance User and Patient Experience

DRX-LC Detector:

  • Captures long exposure images in a single shot
  • Saves time, accelerates workflow, and minimizes reshoots
  • Enhances patient comfort

ImageView Software:

  • Delivers high-quality images with AI and advanced processing technology
  • Offers a streamlined, single-screen workflow for fast and efficient operation
  • Provides analytics on key parameters like exposure times and rejections, along with dosage reports

Solutions to Strengthen Financial Position

New mobile X-ray system DRX-Rise:

  • Integrates state-of-the-art features into a cost-effective digital X-ray machine
  • Dual touchscreen displays, lithium battery, and in-bin detector charging enhance efficiency
  • Bedside imaging reduces disruption and improves patient experience

DR Detectors:

  • Tailored detectors for various setups, workflows, and budgets
  • X-Factor function enables detector sharing across facilities
  • Upgrade existing systems to wireless DR setups with aftermarket systems and detectors, available in different cassette sizes for optimal fit

Presentation of Complete Imaging Solutions at ECR 2024

Visit Carestream’s booth at Expo X2 Booth 220 during ECR 2024 to explore additional imaging innovations, including the DRX-Compass X-ray system, DRX-Rise mobile X-ray system, DRX-Revolution mobile X-ray system, and our range of DR detectors. Schedule an appointment to discuss Carestream’s latest innovations and imaging solutions.

About Carestream Health

Carestream is a global leader in medical imaging systems, X-ray imaging for non-destructive materials testing, and precision films across various industrial, medical, and electronic applications. Our offerings are backed by a robust global service and support network.

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