Carestream Enhances DRX-Evolution Plus for Better Radiographer Workflow

Carestream Health has unveiled the latest enhancements to its cutting-edge imaging solutions, ImageView Software and DRX-Evolution Plus System.

“With our DR portfolio, Carestream continues to prioritize productivity,” stated Steve Romocki, Worldwide Product Director for Digital Radiography (DR) Room Systems. The newest version of ImageView Software 2.1 introduces Smart Room features like Virtual Long-Length Imaging, Virtual Collimation, Patient Position Monitoring, Patient Picture, Positioning Overlay, and Align Assist. These advancements empower radiographers to swiftly confirm optimal positioning, ensuring consistent, effective imaging for prompt diagnosis and early treatment initiation.

Romocki added, “Camera-based positioning capabilities improve efficiency, accuracy, and patient comfort by minimizing repositioning.”

Further enhancements include detector alignment tools facilitating quick verification in bucky-less environments, ensuring precise alignment between tube and detector while eliminating raster effects, thereby boosting radiographer confidence.

In addition to software updates, Carestream introduces enhancements for its flagship DRX-Evolution Plus digital radiology system. These include ImageView 2.1 software updates, sturdy grid frames for wall mounts, bi-directional audio support, patient imaging options, and AEC Edge Location on the console screen.

These innovations complement Carestream’s robust lineup of advanced imaging solutions, including Tube Line Visualization, Pneumothorax Visualization, low-dose dual-energy subtraction bone suppression, digital tomosynthesis, and AI-powered intelligent noise reduction.

About Carestream Health

Carestream is a global leader in medical imaging systems, X-ray imaging for non-destructive testing, and precision coating contract services across various industrial, medical, and electronic applications. Its solutions are supported by a comprehensive worldwide service and support network.

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