Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc and RiverRock Medical Partner to Bring Epigenetic-Genetic Heart Disease Testing to Austin, Texas

Cardio Diagnostics Holdings,Inc. (Nasdaq: CDIO), a pioneer of artificial intelligence-driven precision cardiovascular medicine tests, announced a partnership with Austin, Texas-based concierge, and executive health practice, RiverRock Medical.

This partnership establishes RiverRock Medical as the first service provider in Austin, Texas, to incorporate Epi+Gen CHD and PrecisionCHD, state-of-the-art epigenetic-genetic heart disease risk and detection technologies. RiverRock Medical, under the leadership of Dr. Zain Hakeem, D.O., continues to redefine concierge medicine, establishing its focus on patient longevity, technological innovation, and evidence-based medical practices.

Extending beyond conventional healthcare providers, RiverRock Medical adopts a partnership approach with patients, advocating for increased autonomy and offering a personalized care model that transcends traditional healthcare norms. Dr. Hakeem and the RiverRock Medical team engage with patients and the larger Austin community via their YouTube and Podcast channels to ensure that personalized medicine journeys, challenges, and opportunities are widely disseminated.

“Our collaboration with Cardio Diagnostics offers an exciting opportunity to uplift the standards of patient care through greater precision and customization,” stated Dr. Zain Hakeem, D.O., the founder of RiverRock Medical. “At RiverRock, we acknowledge and value the uniqueness of each individual’s health journey and strive to reflect this in our healthcare delivery. With the integration of advanced epigenetic-genetic heart disease risk and detection technologies, we’re facilitating a significant progression in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This enables our patients to gain an in-depth understanding of their unique health risk profile and provides them with actionable insights for effective disease prevention and management.”

Today, PrecisionCHD and Epi+Gen CHD, the coronary heart disease risk assessment and detection tests that combine epigenetics, genetics, and artificial intelligence, will be available to all RiverRock Medical patients, which includes Actionable Clinical Intelligence™, the platform for providers that connects the underlying DNA methylation and single nucleotide polymorphism biomarkers measured by these tests to coronary heart disease (CHD) drivers.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with RiverRock Medical,” expressed Robert Philibert, M.D., PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Cardio Diagnostics. “Dr. Zain Hakeem and his team are forging the path for Precision Medicine, accentuating the individuality of each patient and recognizing that every person’s health journey is distinct. Through the fusion of comprehensive patient data, cutting-edge molecular technologies, and rigorous scientific research, Dr. Hakeem is driving a new standard of healthcare accuracy and personalization. At RiverRock Medical, precision medicine is not simply a trending term—it is an integral principle shaping their dedication to augmenting patient health and longevity.”


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