Cardinal Health Receives Top Recognition for Supply Chain Resilience

Cardinal Health’s U.S. medical products distribution division proudly announced today that it has been honored with the HIRC Resiliency Partner Badge, achieving a prestigious Diamond-level rating for outstanding performance in supply chain resilience maturity. The HIRC’s Resiliency Badge program, recognized as a benchmark in the healthcare industry, conducts a third-party, evidence-based assessment to evaluate resilience across various domains. Achieving the Diamond level, the highest accolade possible, signifies Cardinal Health’s exceptional scores in critical areas essential to maintaining a resilient supply chain.

Pete Bennett*, Senior Vice President of Global Logistics, Global Products, and Supply Chain, highlighted the significance of this recognition, emphasizing how supply chain disruptions can profoundly impact healthcare and the well-being of patients and providers alike. The award underscores Cardinal Health’s strengths and distinctive capabilities across its supply chain, showcasing its agility in responding promptly to disruptions, thereby allowing customers to focus on delivering safe and quality patient care.

To qualify for the HIRC Resiliency Badge, Cardinal Health underwent a rigorous third-party assessment of its supply chain resilience. Excelling in various categories, the business earned the Diamond-level Resiliency Badge, reflecting its exemplary performance across eight management domains. These domains include demand planning, inventory management, logistics, supply chain visibility, supplier management, risk management and contingency planning, operational health, and market conditions.

By participating in the comprehensive and multi-layered HIRC Resiliency Badge program, distributors like Cardinal Health can enhance their competitiveness based on the merits of supply chain resilience. This initiative also facilitates healthcare providers in readily identifying suppliers with demonstrated resilience, thereby ensuring quality patient care.

Jesse Schafer, Executive Director of HIRC, emphasized the critical role of resilient supply chains in medical product distribution, noting the significance of the rigorous assessment conducted for the Resiliency Badge. Cardinal Health’s attainment of the Diamond-level recognition reflects its unwavering commitment to and capabilities in resilience, earning commendation from HIRC for its outstanding achievement.

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