bspr Inc. and BHQ Corp. to Release First Smartphone App “Braincure” Beta Version Encompassing BHQ Actions for Brain Health, in the United States in September

bspr Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yosuke Toyama), in collaboration with BHQ Corp. (Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, CEO: Masahito Kawamori), is pleased to announce the release of the beta version of the smartphone app “Braincure” that utilizes the internationally standardized brain health index BHQ (Brain Healthcare Quotient)* and encompasses “18 Guidelines for Your Brain Health” (BHQ Actions)**, in California, USA from September 2023.

“Braincure” – empowering behavioral changes to maintain and improve brain health

“Braincure” is the first smartphone app to include BHQ Actions. By inputting daily activities aligned with BHQ Actions (healthcare, exercise, social life, diet, rest, learning, environment), users can estimate their brain health conditions through the calculated BHQ score. Furthermore, the app will provide brain health information based on the BHQ Actions and encourage actions to exercise, improve diet, and reduce stress to help users maintain and improve brain health.

New features based on BHQ actions complement core functions of “Brain health maintenance app”

In addition to the four main features of the ” Brain health maintenance app” developed by bspr Inc. – “Walking”, “Diet”, “Brain Training”, and “Estimated BHQ” – “Braincure” has added new features based on BHQ Actions, including “Social Life” to inquire about interactions with others, “Rest” to assess sleep conditions and stress levels, and “Environment” to explore living environment and interactions with nature. These additional features allow for a comprehensive calculation of the estimated BHQ score. In the future, we plan to add the feature of providing information based on BHQ Actions to help app users change their behavior.

Calling for Organizations and Companies to Participate in the Demonstration of Employee Health Promotion with “Braincure”

We will conduct a beta test of “Braincure” for expatriates of Japanese companies in California, U.S.A. from September 2023. We are calling for organizations and companies that wish to participate in the beta test to demonstrate the effectiveness of “Braincure” in maintaining and promoting employee health, such as companies that have challenges in managing the health of their expatriate employees.

Official global launch anticipated for December 2023

Following the beta testing phase, bspr Inc. will improve the functionality of the app based on user feedback, leading to an official nationwide launch in the United States in December 2023. Our vision extends to expand our services to Asian countries and other regions. By providing services tailored to regional needs and lifestyles, we aim to further contribute to the enhancement of brain health.

* BHQ was developed as a result of the latest brain science research by brain scientists and medical professionals, led by Yoshinori Yamakawa (Director of Brain Impact, Kyoto University Project Professor), under the Cabinet Office ImPACT Yamakawa Program, and has been approved as an international standard.
** BHQ Actions are behavioral guidelines derived from lifestyle habits and psychological characteristics scientifically proven by the BHQ project members, who are specialists in neuroscience. They are considered effective for maintaining and improving brain health and comprise “18 Guidelines for Your Brain Health.”


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