Balancing Brand Building and Performance Marketing in Healthcare: A Q&A

NRC Health recently engaged in a conversation with Matt Hollenkamp, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, delving into his seven-year journey at the Kentucky-based Catholic organization serving Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Hollenkamp brings a rare blend of expertise from consumer-packaged goods, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, offering a unique perspective on marketing strategy and metrics. He discusses how NRC Health’s Market Insights tool aids in measuring four crucial marketing elements highlighted in a recent Harvard Business Review article on brand building and performance marketing.

Hollenkamp emphasizes the importance of aligning marketing strategies with organizational objectives and strategies, ensuring clarity and cohesion. Understanding target audiences is paramount, with NRC Health’s Market Insights assisting in identifying key segments related to prioritized service lines.

He underscores the significance of measuring brand equity, focusing on metrics such as familiarity, uniqueness, quality, and community health needs. By tracking these metrics over time, insights into the effectiveness of the brand strategy and audience resonance are gained.

Furthermore, Hollenkamp shares insights into segmenting and marketing to specific audiences or service lines, citing examples like cancer care and orthopedics/sports medicine. He emphasizes the role of internal audiences, such as employees, as ambassadors for the brand.

The conversation extends to the “I’m Right Here” campaign, a successful branding initiative focusing on accessibility and personalized care. Hollenkamp illustrates how this campaign resonates beyond the marketing department, becoming embedded in organizational culture and patient experience training.

Assessing and measuring brand equity is a crucial aspect, with Hollenkamp highlighting the use of NRC Health’s Market Insights tool to track brand awareness and performance metrics. He stresses the importance of balancing brand building and performance marketing in healthcare, especially amid financial pressures and evolving industry dynamics.

In summary, Hollenkamp’s insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the strategic approach to marketing in healthcare, leveraging data-driven insights and creative initiatives to drive brand success and patient engagement.

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