ATLATL Scientific and Miltenyi Biotec Forge 5-Year Biotech Innovation Partnership

ATLATL Scientific and Miltenyi Biotec mark a significant milestone with their five-year partnership, showcasing a journey of collaboration and innovation in the biotech sector. This dynamic alliance has flourished, driving notable advancements in biotechnology.

Since its inception, the partnership has thrived through close collaboration and leveraging of expertise and resources. The collaboration in Singapore builds upon previous successful ventures, including the CliniMACS Cell Factory® and the MACS® Innovation & Technology Center, MITC Beijing. Miltenyi Biotec’s contribution of platforms such as CliniMACS Prodigy® and CliniMACS Plus to ATLATL’s incubator at Helios Biopolis underscores their commitment to supporting innovative startups and driving technological advancements.

At AsiaBio 2024, ATLATL Scientific and Miltenyi Biotec solidified their partnership by co-sponsoring the event and signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaboration sets the stage for future joint initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and growth in the biotech sector.

Looking ahead, both companies plan to embark on co-research and co-development projects in Singapore, bolstering their presence in the local biotech ecosystem and enhancing Miltenyi Biotec’s position as a leading maker of cutting-edge equipment for Cell and Gene Therapy. Together, they aim to drive transformative impact in the biotech industry globally.

Beyond AsiaBio 2024, ATLATL Scientific and Miltenyi Biotec remain committed to further collaborations across different global sites, reflecting their shared vision of advancing biotechnology on a global scale.

The partnership between ATLATL Scientific and Miltenyi Biotec demonstrates the power of collaboration in driving scientific innovation. As they celebrate five years of partnership, both companies are poised to build upon their achievements and drive even greater impact in the future.

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