ARC Fertility Wins Spring 2024 Digital Health Award for Mobile App

  • ARC Fertility (ARC), a leading national provider specializing in innovative fertility and family-forming benefits for employers and their employees, has been recognized as a winner in the Spring 2024 Digital Health Awards® program. Their app, “FertilityNow® – The Revolutionary Reproductive Health App for Personalized Fertility Estimation for Every Journey,” has received a Merit Award in the Mobile Digital Health Resources – Mobile Application category.

“This award is a testament to our team’s dedication and innovation in developing the FertilityNow app, which offers personalized, convenient, and effective support to make fertility care more accessible and efficient,” said David Adamson, MD, founder and CEO of ARC Fertility. “It highlights our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our patients throughout their family-forming journey by integrating cutting-edge digital solutions into our comprehensive fertility care.”

The Digital Health Awards recognize outstanding digital health resources and applications, showcasing organizations that have advanced healthcare through digital innovation. The FertilityNow app stands out for its user-friendly interface, personalized care features, and its ability to streamline the fertility treatment process for patients.

“We are continually improving the FertilityNow app and our digital health offerings to deliver the highest quality care and support,” Dr. Adamson added. “The app empowers patients with tools and information to navigate their fertility journey confidently, providing personalized treatment plans, answers to common questions, and resources to support individuals on their unique paths to parenthood. This transformation enhances patient experience and improves outcomes.”

About ARC® Fertility:
Founded in 1997, ARC® Fertility was established to increase access to affordable, high-quality reproductive care for everyone. Through a national network of top-tier fertility clinics and partnerships with brokers, employers, health plans, and TPAs, ARC delivers high-value fertility and family-forming benefits with evidence-based treatment packages that offer superior outcomes at lower costs. ARC also provides comprehensive women’s health services, including pharmacy options, pregnancy support, menopause care, emotional health programs, and patient financing solutions.

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