Anteris and v2vmedtech Introduce Next-Gen Mitral & Tricuspid Repair System, VClip™, After Animal Study Success

Anteris Technologies Ltd (ASX: AVR) and v2vmedtech, inc. have announced the completion of the concept lock phase for their next-generation Transcatheter Edge to Edge Repair (TEER) system, VClip™. This milestone marks a crucial advancement toward initiating a first-in-human study for VClip™.

TEER has emerged as a leading treatment for mitral and tricuspid valve disease. However, existing systems often face limitations that hinder procedural outcomes or restrict eligibility for certain patient groups. VClip™ aims to address these challenges, striving to deliver improved outcomes for patients.

Dr. Vinayak Bapat, CMO of v2vmedtech, inc., emphasized the significance of achieving this milestone, underscoring the collaborative efforts between physicians, engineers, and interventional cardiologists in driving rapid innovation within the TEER field.

David St Denis, CEO of v2vmedtech, inc. and COO of Anteris Technologies Ltd, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the milestone’s importance in advancing VClip™ and leveraging a collaborative design approach similar to their successful DurAVR™ development model.

About Anteris Technologies Ltd (ASX: AVR):

Anteris Technologies Ltd (ASX: AVR) is a structural heart company dedicated to designing, developing, and commercializing innovative medical devices. Based in Australia with a significant presence in Minneapolis, USA, Anteris employs a multidisciplinary team focused on transforming solutions for patients with structural heart disease.

DurAVR™, the company’s flagship product, is a transcatheter heart valve (THV) designed in collaboration with leading cardiologists and surgeons worldwide. It stands as the first TAVR employing a single-piece biomimetic valve engineered to mimic the natural performance of the human aortic valve.

DurAVR™ utilizes ADAPT® tissue, a patented anti-calcification technology clinically proven over a decade with over 55,000 patients globally. The ComASURTM Delivery System ensures precise deployment and accurate positioning of DurAVR™, enhancing its effectiveness in addressing critical clinical needs.

Anteris Technologies remains committed to revolutionizing the structural heart market through innovative solutions that deliver superior clinical outcomes.

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