Antech Unveils AI Radiology and Cancer Screening for Veterinary Diagnostics

Antech, a leading veterinary diagnostics company dedicated to collaborating with veterinary professionals in predicting, diagnosing, and monitoring wellness and disease, has introduced two groundbreaking innovations that signify a new era in veterinary diagnostics. These innovations, AIS RapidRead for accelerated radiograph interpretations and the in-house Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test, are now available, offering enhanced support for clinical decision-making to enhance patient outcomes.

Nefertiti Greene, President of Mars Science & Diagnostics, emphasized Antech’s dedication to advancing diagnostic decision-making for better pet health outcomes. AIS RapidRead, a new diagnostic tool utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), offers rapid imaging interpretations, reducing the time from days to minutes. Developed by a team of radiologists and data scientists, AIS RapidRead provides immediate radiology opinions based on a vast library of companion animal images. This innovation has already reviewed over 5,000 cases, aiding in early detection and improving diagnoses.

Dr. Lilly Ock from VCA Animal Hospitals Urgent Care – Laguna Niguel praised AIS RapidRead for its quick reports and invaluable diagnostic insights, enhancing patient care.

Antech will host two webinars on May 21 and 22, titled “Lifting the Veil on Machine Learning in Veterinary Radiology,” to introduce veterinary professionals to this technology.

Additionally, the Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test is now available, offering rapid and accurate cancer screening for high-risk breeds and older dogs. With over 75% detection rates for common canine cancers like lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma, Nu.Q® enables informed decisions about cancer care. This patient-side, in-house test delivers results in about six minutes, aiding diagnosis during regular check-ups. Run on the Element i+ analyzer, Nu.Q® testing is cost-effective and requires only a small plasma sample.

Antech, a division of Mars Science & Diagnostics, is committed to providing comprehensive pet health solutions, including diagnostic instruments, data services, reference laboratories, imaging technology, and at-home diagnostics like Wisdom Panel. With 60 years of experience, Waltham Petcare Science Institute continues to advance pet health research.

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