Amplar Home Health Unveils Innovative Adelaide Headquarter

Amplar Home Health, a leading provider of in-home care services in Australia, has unveiled its new headquarters in Adelaide. This purpose-built facility represents a significant step forward in Amplar Health’s mission to innovate healthcare delivery across the country. The Hon. Chris Picton, South Australian Minister for Health and Wellbeing, inaugurated the space at a ceremony held this morning.

Located centrally in Adelaide but serving patients nationwide, the new headquarters acts as the central nerve center for Amplar’s extensive network of nurses and allied health professionals across Australia. Equipped with advanced technology and modern amenities, such as real-time dashboards, the facility is designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency in delivering prompt at-home patient care.

“At Amplar Home Health, we are committed to reshaping the future of nursing and allied health,” said Mike Hutton Squire, Hub Lead Health Operations at Amplar Health. “Our new headquarters embodies our vision of providing exceptional care within the comfort of patients’ homes, while equipping our healthcare professionals with the tools they need.”

With approximately 1,000 at-home visits conducted daily by its skilled team, Amplar Home Health covers over 97% of the population through its own staff and a vast network of contracted providers.

“The new building represents the future of healthcare delivery. We are embracing advanced telehealth technologies, live digital mapping, wearable patient technology, and transitioning to a hybrid vehicle fleet to reduce environmental impact,” added Kylie Mayo, Squad Lead at Amplar Health. “Our focus is on accessible, personalized, patient-centered care.”

The opening of the new headquarters underscores Amplar Home Health’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and community health. It follows the recent announcement of their national rollout of locally managed teams, aimed at expanding services and enhancing patient care throughout Australia.

Minister Picton praised the initiative, stating, “This is a significant advancement for patients and the healthcare system alike. The positive feedback from patients underscores the importance of home-based care, facilitated by the dedication of Amplar’s team of nurses and healthcare professionals across Adelaide.”

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