Ally Health Collaborates with Acacium Group to Transform Technology-Enabled Clinical Care at Home

Pioneering health tech platform Ally Health and leading global healthcare delivery partner Acacium Group have joined forces in a new partnership aimed at revolutionizing the delivery of community care.

With over 70% of medical decisions requiring follow-up appointments, Ally Health’s advanced technology allows healthcare professionals to seamlessly refer patients for care directly to their homes. Acacium Group’s world-class healthcare professionals then provide clinical delivery services, offering patients the flexibility of home-based or alternative safe locations for appointments, such as private office spaces.

Ally Health’s user-friendly platform enables patients to schedule appointments with ease, choosing convenient locations and times for health checks, phlebotomy, wound dressing, and more. The platform efficiently directs appointment allocations based on patient location, required skills, and availability to Acacium Group’s leading clinical teams.

This innovative approach enhances accessibility for individuals facing challenges accessing traditional services due to factors such as busy schedules, living in remote areas, homebound situations, or needing multiple appointments. According to a recent survey by Ally Health, 12% of service users stated they might have discontinued their search for care without the new home care option.

Since its nationwide launch in December, the service has achieved a remarkable 5/5 patient experience ranking. Positive feedback highlights the service’s effectiveness, allowing patients to save time on unnecessary trips and integrate healthcare seamlessly into their busy lives.

Kelly Klifa, Co-Founder and CEO at Ally Health, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Acacium Group, emphasizing the potential to redefine healthcare delivery with a patient-centric approach. The collaboration addresses the growing demand for flexible online appointment options, contributing to a transformative journey for the UK healthcare system.

Mike Barnard, CEO at Acacium Group, emphasized the versatility of the solution, offering the potential to simplify the delivery of various types of care, from phlebotomy to virtual consultations. The partnership supports flexible working for healthcare practitioners and enables providers to expand their services to patients living further away, leading to quicker discharges and alleviating pressure on hospital resources.

The technology-driven solution facilitates follow-on care at patients’ homes, contributing to increased revenue capture for healthcare providers without expanding physical footprints. Positive feedback from healthcare practitioners, such as Nurse Tracey Lloyd from Acacium Group, underscores the meaningful impact on patient care and quality of life.

With a net appointment completion rate of 100% and positive patient experiences, the technology-driven care delivery pathway offers an attractive prospect for both patients and healthcare providers.

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