Aetna and March of Dimes collaborate to address food insecurity in Atlanta

Aetna Better Health® of Georgia, a CVS Health® company (NYSE: CVS), announced that Aetna® has provided a community investment of $40,000 to March of Dimes. The investment will contribute to a pop-up grocery market, in partnership with Goodr, serving pregnant and postpartum individuals and their families in Atlanta.

“We firmly believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to be healthy and thrive, and that begins with addressing basic needs like access to nutritious food,” said Georgia-based Sonya Nelson, Division President at Aetna Medicaid. “March of Dimes’ pop-up grocery market actively contributes to the well-being of pregnant and postpartum individuals and their families in Georgia, ensuring they have the nourishment necessary for a healthy start for their little ones.”

March of Dimes collaborates with local government, state leaders, corporate health partners and community-based organizations to develop innovative solutions to bridge the health equity gap and ensure healthier outcomes for families, mothers and their babies.

The funds from Aetna will directly support March of Dimes’ pop-up grocery market in collaboration with Goodr, an Atlanta-based B Corp using technology and logistics to reduce food waste and address food insecurity. Currently, the market provides a week’s worth of groceries to over 200 families and pregnant or postpartum individuals, offering a variety of nutritious food options, including fresh produce, dairy, grains and protein, while allowing community members to shop for groceries that meet their needs at no cost. Additionally, families may receive essential items like diapers and wipes, as well as valuable baby-friendly information and resources to support their parenting journey.

“Access to healthy food is vital for the health and well-being of mothers and their babies. Unfortunately, 10.7% of Georgia’s overall population was considered food insecure, which is particularly devastating for children. Aetna’s investment exemplifies a shared commitment to addressing the critical issue of food insecurity within our community,” said Shelmekia Hodo, Director of Maternal and Infant Health Initiatives at March of Dimes. “Through our collaboration with Aetna and Goodr, we can expand our efforts to alleviate food insecurity among our most underserved populations, ensuring that no family goes without access to nutritious food. Together, we’re working towards a healthier future for Georgia’s communities.”

Inclusive of this donation, Aetna has recently invested over $2 million in local, community-based organizations across the state to support underserved populations in Georgia. This funding will help address the care needs of people in both urban and rural communities to help ensure all Georgians have access to holistic, quality care.


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